DATES TO REMEMBER (see sidebar for details)

October 9 MOMS meeting, Jane Jarrell

October 10 October Social Event at Strikz at 7pm

October 20 Book Club Meeting at 7pm

October 23 Trunk or Treat at POP at 6pm

October 27 Living Rosary in Church at 3:45pm


LIVING ROSARY at Prince of Peace Church, October 27th, Tueday at 3:45 pm.

We need at least 68 "beads" or volunteers (moms and/or children) to make this rosary a success. I hope to get all the volunteers for this first rosary from the MOMS group. Moms, we will let you decide if your child is age appropriate for this. Some 3 year olds would LOVE to say their Hail Mary on the microphone for all to hear. Please don't worry if your child gets "shy" once it is their turn - you can always step in a say their prayer for them. The format will be that each "bead" say the beginning of the prayer and the audience will respond. Cindy will distribute prayer cards so everyone can just read their card.

There will have the sign-up sheet at the next meeting but feel free to email Cindy Kayanan ( if you and your child are interested in volunteering. Also, she is all for positive peer pressure so if your child wants to sit next to their friend, let her know that too and we will make sure they are in the same "decade".


Membership Forms and Dues

All MOMS Membership Forms and Dues need to be submitted by the October meeting! Please bring them with you, or drop off in the MOMS Box outside the school office before October 10. Any questions, or to get new forms, please contact Angela Easterwood at In October we will be cleaning up the MOMS e-mail list to include those moms who have turned in a registration form. Thanks so much!

Newcomer's Breakfast

The Newcomer's Breakfast is on November 3rd at 9:00 a.m at La Madeleine.


Order Your T-shirts and Support MOMS!

Get ready to sport your MOMS shirts year round! Attached is the T-shirt order form. There are sample sizes of both shirts for everyone to try on in a brown shopping bag under the MOMS mailbox at church. Please do not remove these form the mailbox area. We will have more order forms and the samples at the October meeting as well. Bring your checkbooks!

Calling All Recipes

We are collecting recipes from all MOMS!! If you have a good recipe you would like to share, please send it to us. We starting collecting recipes last year and are continuing this year to complete our Prince of Peace MOMS cookbooks. We want to get these printed and bound so we can sell these as Christmas gifts! Please send us your favorite recipes today!

October Raffle

Don't forget to bring some cash to the October meeting for our fabulous raffle! We will have some great items for you to win! Tickets are 1 for $3 or 2 for $5.