April 2010

Letter from the President

Dear MOMS,
April is upon us and we have an exciting "rescheduled" speaker, Jane Jarrell, coming to join us.  She had swine flu last Fall when she was scheduled to speak so we are thrilled that she was able to fit us back in this year!  I am very excited to hear about meals with 3 ingredients.  This time of year we are all so busy winding down the school year and planning summer activities..... less time spent on meal planning and shopping the better!
The 2009-2010 Board has accomplished so many wonderful things for our community this year.  They have all gone above and beyond with serving our group.  I have enjoyed working with everyone and am blessed that my duty as President was easy and so enjoyable because of them!  Where might you use your talents to serve this group next year?  We will be announcing our new President and nominations and sign-ups for the 2010-2011 board positions will be passed around.  Are you ready??!!!

Our last meeting will be on May 7th in Las Mercedes.  The hospitality committee is hosting the brunch and fashion event which will be a treat for all of us.

I hope to see all of you this Friday!

God's Blessings,
Megan Thornton