2012-2013 Board Members

We have a wonderful group of women committed to making this next year a great one for MOMS. There are always opportunties to get involved. Let us know what you're interested in, and we'll find a match for you.

President – Nicole Graham
Vice President – Maureen Redman
Secretary/Facebook – Allison Lemme
Treasurer – Melissa Reny
Membership – Pam Owens, Elsa Lopez, Pam Fick, Chantal Boeckman, Bridget Jowid
Fundraising – Kimberly Crane, Michelle Nelson, Bridget Jowid
Hospitality – Rose Wright, Melissa Boyd, Stefanie Lee, Katie Rossnagel, CeCe Liekar
Social – Lori McMahon, Lauren Turner, Tricia Buckley
Outreach – Robyn Schuller, Trista Goguen
Children's Activities – Anne Stone, Sara Ferrara, Natalie McHugh
Childcare – Roz Giancola
Spiritual – Loretta Kerber, Jennifer Timmons, Carolyn Walsh
Blog/Web – Chantal Boeckman
Baptism – Lisa Hill
Photographer/Historian – Karen Judy, Susie Preissler