January meeting recap - We got organized!

Lorraine Brock, Founder and President of Get Organized, didn't disappoint at our January meeting. She brought a ton of tips to help us get organized and made us wonder if we were Ms. Chaos or Ms. Organized.

The tip that resonated for many of us was, "Make sure you are called to serve where you are serving. We don't have to do everything."

Lorraine advised that a good place to start on the road to organization is meal planning, and she suggested a number of websites with services that provide menus and grocery lists to make our busy lives a little easier. Among her recommendations were www.e-mealz.com and www.TheFresh20.com.

Get Organized currently has a Living Social deal for a 2-hour at-home consultation for $69 ($150 value) and 10% off additional services booked at the consultation. Check out Living Social for more info, and MOMS members received a link via email on January 15.

Also at the meeting, parishioner Linda Kelly provided information about the POP ministry Kids Helping Kids, which gives the funds collected from the children during each mass. If you're interested in helping with this great ministry, members can check that same January 15 email for Linda's contact information.

Our next meeting is February 8, where parents Todd and Tara Storch will be our speakers. They are the founders of the Taylor's Gift Foundation, named in honor of their daughter whose life tragically ended when she was 13. Join us to hear the story of how Taylor's legacy lives today.